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Japan relaxes haircut rules for new troops

  • Japan's defence ministry announced that it will allow new recruits to have longer hair from April, in order to attract more young people to join the military.

  • The current rules only permit buzz cuts for male recruits and short hair for female recruits, which are seen as outdated and unreasonable by some potential applicants.

Japan relaxes haircut rules for new troops

  • The relaxed rules will allow male troops to have short back and sides with longer hair on top, and female troops to have longer hair as long as it does not interfere with their uniform or equipment.

  • The move is part of a broader effort to boost the recruitment of Japan’s Self-Defence Forces, which are facing a serious workforce shortage due to the declining birth rate, the ageing population, the low morale, and the competition with the private sector.

  • Japan's military is also reconsidering its ban on tattoos, which are traditionally taboo in the country, as another way to increase the pool of applicants




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